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questionable who?

A (gasp) native Californian, I prefer fuzzy socks (even during summer), hate loathe live fish but love sushi, host a menagerie of wildlife in my home, including a techie husband who doesn’t understand my tech-phobic tendencies, two homeschooled teenagers I can’t keep “in books,” a neurotic shepherd who loves cats, two psychotic cats who despise dogs, and a rat which seems to feel more at home in our garage than we do.

My name is Nicole Manners, and I am a bookaholic. I love the written word and have always dreamed of building my life around writing books of my own. For the last decade I have mainly used my English degree to build a literature- and history-rich homeschool for my two children. While I wrote some during that time, I found that the demands of the early years far exceeded my capacity to transcend them. Things have changed, however, and as with all things, God’s timing is perfect. I am still needed – and parents of  teenagers might agree that teens still need us as much as (or more than) they did in the younger years – but I am needed differently. Which gives me the time, the energy, the creative space I needed to begin writing again. I am also an IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) Registered Instructor, and will be offering writing classes to homeschooled students in the Sacramento area.

This small space is my little corner to seek out the elusive muse, discuss my writing journey, and perhaps provide a bit of encouragement for others on a similar path.